Emberstrip® 8PC+

Emberstrip® 8PC+

Emberstrip® 8PC+
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The Embertec Emberstrip® 8PC+ Advanced Power Strip (APS) is the highest quality energy saving APS available worldwide designed for PC/IT environments. Featuring the Embertec invented Active Powerdown® and a superior 64k microprocessor, the Emberstrip® 8PC+ delivers class leading reliability and performance with proven customer satisfaction.

Computer peripheral equipment such as monitors, printers and scanners continue to use power, even when turned off. In addition, equipment left on while a computer is hibernating or in standby mode wastes significant amounts of power while on, but not actively being used.

The Embertec Emberstrip® 8PC+ addresses all of this energy wastage by detecting when computer peripherals are needed or not, automatically switching them completely off or on as required.  Making this a great item for any home office. 


Performance and Safety

Surge Compliance  UL 1449
Total Surge 1,530 Joules/ 39,000 Amps
Input Current 
Over-Current Threshold 15 Amps RMS
Operating Voltage 
110 V AC +/- 10%

Physical Attributes

Power Cord Length 4 ft
# of Power Saver Outlets 5
# of Always-on Outlets 2
# of Computer-Only Outlets 1
Total Outlets 8
Dimensions N/A

Model Details

Manufacturer Model
Life Span
>20 years
APS Category Tier 2

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