Smart Charging Pilot

You may qualify for our new OptimizEV plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) smart charging pilot. We’re offering eligible customers the opportunity to contribute to a clean energy future by participating in this program.

Make a Charge for the Greater Good

Through the OptimizEV smart charging pilot, you will receive a free level 2 charger, free installation up to $450 and help contribute to a sustainable charging program. OptimizEV gives you control to choose when your PEV is charged while helping to reduce stress on the grid.

How does it work?


1. Complete the online enrollment form

2. If you qualify, you will be contacted to schedule an initial visit with our partner electrician to verify where to locate your Level 2 EV charger

3. After enrolling and your initial visit, we will schedule your charger's installation and cover the costs of a typical installation

Program Details

After plugging in your PEV, you will be provided with different charging options. Through the OptimizEV portal, you have the option to select when your PEV completes charging. If a discount is available, you'll see it within the charging options. You always have the option to charge normally without discounts or a delay.

In exchange for your flexibility, you allow NYSEG the opportunity to optimize your PEV’s charging session. Your participation can help to reduce peak loads on the electric grid. Reducing peak loads results in cleaner and cheaper electricity.

You may be eligible if...

  • You are a NYSEG residential electric customer
  • You have a smart meter (your meter has a bright green sticker)
  • You own or lease a plug-in electric vehicle that requires an EV charger
  • You are currently billed on our residential electric standard pricing option, service class 1 (SC1)*

What to Expect

Participants will receive a free Webasto brand Level 2 Electric Vehicle charger, installed by our approved local contractor at your home. You'll also have access to our online EV charging management platform. Once you enroll, the local contractor will contact you to schedule a time to install the charger. You will also receive an email describing how to access your online account.

Discounts are available at times when it will benefit the grid to shift your electricity consumption. You are not required to select a deadline to charge your car. You always have the option to charge immediately without selecting a deadline.

At the end of the pilot, you can keep the charger and continue to charge your PEV normally, but without discounts or the online EV charging management platform.

Check Eligibility

*If you are not currently billed on service class 1 but are interested in participating in OptimizEV, please contact us at  OptimizEV@nyseg.com.