About the ENERGY SMART COMMUNITY - Tompkins County

The future of energy is changing, and we’re changing with it. To continue meeting our customers’ need for cleaner, more reliable power, we are investing in a smarter energy infrastructure—one that will seamlessly connect customers with cleaner energy, increase energy grid security, and allow us to respond to outages more quickly.

This also means more choice, greater control, and increased flexibility for our customers. And it is just one of the many innovations brought to you by NYSEG.

NYSEG’s Energy Smart Community includes innovative products and services such as these.

NYSEG Smart Solutions: This partnership with Simple Energy connects residential customers with qualified local contractors offering energy efficiency services—from free or reduced-cost in-home assessments and rebates on energy-efficient lighting to solar installations and more.

Smart Meters: 12,400 electric customers and 7,300 natural gas customers in Tompkins County will enjoy more accurate energy readings and a deeper insight into personal power usage with advance metering technology.

Energy Manager (coming soon): Enabled by smart metering technology, this secure online tool will provide you access to personal energy data, usage alerts, tools, and tips to help you conserve and manage energy more efficiently.


Learn more about the partners, programs, and platforms that NYSEG and the Energy Smart Community are bringing together to provide a safer, cleaner, more affordable energy future.


Please note that NYSEG Smart Solutions is currently only available in Tompkins County, New York.