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Simply Conserve Adhesive Weather Strip

I-SMPCNSRVE-01-WTHR-STRP-V1 5.0 star rated
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  • Media Feature Markdown: Step 1: Clean the surface where the weatherstripping will be installed. Step 2: Measure the length of the weatherstripping needed for the area and cut it to the appropriate size using scissors or a utility knife. Step 3: Remove the backing from the adhesive side of the weatherstripping and carefully press it onto the cleaned surface, ensuring a firm and secure attachment.
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Model: V443H
The Closed-Cell Foam-Tape Weatherstripping is a smart solution to combat drafts and enhance energy efficiency. Crafted from 100% PVC sponge foam, this weatherstripping is equipped with a user-friendly peel-and-stick adhesive for hassle-free installation. Versatile and effective, it can be applied to doors, windows, attic hatches, air conditioners and more to keep your space cozy and efficient. ### In the box: * 1 x Adhesive weather strip, Closed Cell **Dimensions:** (L x W x H) 17 ft. x 0.18 in. x 0.37 in.