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Deluxe Window Film Kit (5 Windows)

I-AME1503DP-01-5000-5WIN-V1 3.9 star rated
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  • Energy Star: No
  • Water Sense: No
  • Media Feature: TyVSTIMNA30
  • Media Feature Markdown: **You will need a blow dryer, scissors and a tape measure.** Step 1: Apply double-sided tape around edge of window. Step 2: Remove liner. Step 3: Measure taped area and cut film to size leaving a 2” overlap on all sides. Step 4: Press film in place on tape at top of window, then sides and bottom. Step 5: Shrink film with hair dryer to remove wrinkles (keeping the dryer 1/4” away from film’s surface).
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Model: JT-1006SPB
Avoid expensive window and patio door upgrades while saving energy and keeping heat where it belongs with the help of a deluxe window insulation kit. The kit includes everything users need for seamless installation, including clear film and premium adhesive. ### In the box * 1 Clear Shrink Film: 62" x 210" * 1 Roll of Two-Sided Tape: 0.33" x 90'